Technical report – NESP Marine Biodiversity Hub (July 2015 to June 2021)

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Statton J, Sinclair EA, McNeair S, Kendrick A, Kendrick, GA (2021) Assisting recovery of seagrass in Shark Bay, Gathaagudu. Final Report to the National Environmental Science Program, Marine Biodiversity Hub.


This report outlines the findings of a collaborative project between University of Western Australia scientists and the Malgana Traditional Owners to assist recovery of seagrasses in Gathaagudu (Shark Bay) following the 2011 marine heat wave. It presents the results of field-based methods designed to assist seagrass restoration and the outcomes of these efforts for restoring ecosystem function of seagrasses. Furthermore, we provide a framework for planning future restoration activities, with step-by step examples. Suggestions are provided for the next steps in assisting people and seagrass ecosystems to heal sea country.

Type of publication Technical report
Year of publication 2021