The Marine and Coastal Hub is one of four research hubs funded for six years (2020–2021 to 2026–2027) under the Australian Government’s National Environmental Science Program (NESP).

The hub has 28 research partners and is hosted jointly by the University of Tasmania and the Reef and Rainforest Research Centre. Hub projects are overseen by a steering committee and managed by a leadership team and two support teams (southern and northern node) in collaboration with the Department of Climate Change, the Environment, Energy and Water.

Steering committee

The hub steering committee includes an independent chairperson, three representatives from the department, selected personnel from hub support teams, and research user and other stakeholder representatives. Its role is to:

Leadership team

The hub leadership team supports the steering committee by:

Research projects

Hub projects are co-designed with research users to meet priority national needs. They build on the experience of research partners and the achievements of previous national funding programs. They aim to enhance the environmental, cultural, social, and economic benefits derived from Australia’s marine and coastal assets by delivering knowledge and methods across six research themes.

The projects are outlined in annual research plans endorsed by the steering committee and approved by the department. They are administered in accordance with strategies for knowledge brokering, communication, Indigenous engagement and data management. Progress reports are submitted annually to the department.