The National Environmental Science Program (NESP) is a long-term commitment by the Australian Government to fund research that provides decision-makers with the best available information, based on world-class science. This helps them to better understand, manage and conserve Australia’s environment.

The first phase of the program (20142015 to 20202021) invested $145 million into six research hubs. The second phase (20202021 to 20262027) is investing $149 million into four research hubs: Climate Systems, Marine and Coastal, Resilient Landscapes, and Sustainable Communities and Waste. The hubs are hosted by Australian research institutions.

The NESP recognises and values the experiences, perspectives and cultures of Indigenous Australians and supports Indigenous aspirations to maintain, protect and manage their culture, language, land and sea Country, and heritage. A cross-hub Indigenous Facilitation Network supported by the department drives Indigenous inclusion at the program level.