Technical report – NESP Marine Biodiversity Hub (July 2015 to June 2021)

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Tim Lynch, Sharon A Appleyard, Tyson Bessell, Lincoln Wong, Andrew Martini, Jemina Stuart-Smith, Leah Soo, Carlie Devine and Lauren Hardiman (2020). Conservation of handfish and their habitats – annual report. Report to the National Environmental Science Program, Marine Biodiversity Hub. CSIRO.


We have completed and analysed performance assessment surveys at nine local population sites for spotted handfish in the Derwent estuary from 2015-2019. To this time series we have also incorporated historic data for individual sites back to 1998. Local populations generally show stability of occurrence but with some difference in abundance (as measured by estimates of fish densities per habitat) by years.

Type of publication Technical report
Year of publication 2020