Technical report – NESP Marine Biodiversity Hub (July 2015 to June 2021)

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Langlois T, Gibbons B and Monk J (2021). Enhancement, connectivity and interoperability of spatial portals: Linking of science communication products to spatial metadata records. Report to the National Environmental Science Program, Marine Biodiversity Hub. The University of Western Australia.


Map-based portals are increasingly being recognised for their use in marine science communication, with enhancement, connectivity and interoperability of data between map-based portals a key challenge. This report outlines the results of consultations with data experts on a pathway for map-based portals to adopt Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) and ISO compliant standards to enable the discovery of raw data, summarised and curated data products. A case study using the platform is presented using the ‘FishNClips’ and ‘Visualiser’ tools. This report provides a pathway for the future enhancement, connectivity and interoperability of map-based portals to meet standards to enable the discovery of data and communication products such as interactive imagery and data visualisations. 

Type of publication Technical report
Year of publication 2021