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Saintilan N, Kovalenko KE, Guntenspergen G, Rogers K, Lynch JC, Cahoon DR, Lovelock CE, Friess DA, Ashe E, Krauss KW, Cormier N, Spencer T, Adams J, Raw J, Ibanez C, Scarton F, Temmerman S, Meire P, Maris T, Thorne K and 13 others (2022) Science. 377, 6605, pp 523–527.

28 July 2022


This is research paper published in Science addresses uncertainty about the vulnerability of valuable tidal marsh ecosystems to relative sea level rise. By analysing globally distributed contemporary data, the authors found that marsh sediment accretion increases in parity with sea level rise, seemingly confirming previously claimed marsh resilience. However, subsidence of the substrate shows a nonlinear increase with accretion. As a result, marsh elevation gain is constrained in relation to sea level rise, and deficits emerge that are consistent with Holocene observations of tidal marsh vulnerability. These findings have implications for coastal management.

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