Research plan

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NESP Marine and Coastal Hub Research Plan 2021 – Project Plans

May 2021


This document outlines the research to be undertaken by the 32 projects funded under the NESP Marine and Coastal Hub Research Plan 2021.

The projects are:

Project 1.1 – Scoping study: Protected Places Initiative
Project 1.2 – Scoping study: national areas of interest for seabed mapping, characterisation and biodiversity assessment
Project 1.3 – Support for Parks Australia’s Monitoring, Evaluation, Reporting and Improvement System for Australian Marine Parks
Project 1.4 – Characterising values and identifying indicators and metrics of fish and benthic assemblages within the Capes region of the South-west Corner Marine Park
Project 1.5 – Scoping study: identify knowledge gaps and solutions for extent mapping of Australian marine and coastal wetlands
Project 1.6 – A roadmap for coordinated landscape-scale coastal and marine ecosystem restoration
Project 1.7 – Towards a consolidated and open-science framework for restoration monitoring
Project 1.8 – A national framework for improving seagrass restoration
Project 1.9 – Quantifying the ecosystem services of the Great Southern Reef
Project 1.10 – A national inventory of implemented nature-based solutions to mitigate coastal hazards
Project 1.11 – OzSET: integration and publication of the Australian Surface Elevation Table dataset
Project 1.12 – Mapping critical seagrass habitat in Yanyuwa Sea Country
Project 1.13 – Synthesising three decades of seagrass spatial data from Torres Strait and Gulf of Carpentaria
Project 1.14 – The role of dugong and turtle grazing in Torres Strait seagrass declines
Project 1.15 – Coastal wetland restoration for blue carbon in northern Australia
Project 1.16 – Scoping study: research needs for assessment and monitoring of nutrients, chemicals and antimicrobials in the marine environment
Project 1.17 – Scoping study: research needs for a national approach to socio-economic values of the marine environment
Project 1.18 – Microplastics in South Eastern Australian coastal waters: synthesising current data and identifying key knowledge gaps for the management of plastic pollution
Project 1.19 – Scoping study: horizon scan of key science questions in the decommissioning of offshore oil and gas infrastructure
Project 1.20 – Scoping study: marine and coastal threatened and migratory species and communities
Project 1.21 – Australia’s coastal shorebirds: trends and prospects
Project 1.22 – A photo-identification study of southern right whales to update aggregation area classification in the southwest of Australia
Project 1.23 – Conservation of Spotted Handfish
Project 1.24 – A pilot study into the movement and dispersal of sawfishes
Project 1.25 – Sawfish bycatch mitigation workshop for northern Australian fisheries
Project 1.26 – Relative abundance of the ‘western’ population of Southern Right Whales from an aerial survey off southern Australia
Project 1.28 – Future-proofing restoration and thermal physiology of kelp
Project 1.29 – Scoping study: new approaches to marine monitoring
Project 1.30 – National assessment of climate-driven species redistribution using citizen science data
Project 1.31 – Scoping study: Indigenous participation and research needs
Project 1.32 – Scoping study: supporting regional planning in Northern Australia
Project 1.33 – Application of eDNA to survey Bathurst Harbour Tasmania for the endangered Maugean Skate