Research plan

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NESP Marine and Coastal Hub Research Plan 2023 – Project Plans

September 2023


This document outlines the research to be undertaken by the seven projects funded under the NESP Marine and Coastal Hub Research Plan 2023.

The projects are:

Project 3.1 – Regional planning in northern Australia: Building a community of practice and sentinel case studies for supporting improved approaches to achieve ESD
Project 3.2 – Developing a National Indigenous Environmental Research Network – Marine and Coastal research case studies
Project 3.3 – Guiding research and best practice standards for the sustainable development of Offshore Renewables and other emerging marine industries in Australia
Project 3.4 – Better Management of Catchment Runoff to Marine Receiving Environments in Northern Australia
Project 3.5 – Supporting regional planning in northern Australia: Building knowledge, skills and partnerships for understanding seagrass distribution
Project 3.6 – Improving data on the distribution and ecological value of temperate subtidal seagrass in tayaritja (Furneaux Group of Islands), Tasmania
Project 3.7 – Identifying and overcoming barriers to coastal and marine habitat restoration and Nature based Solutions in Australia
Project 3.8 – Carbon abatement and biodiversity enhancements through controlling feral ungulate disturbance in wetlands
Project 3.9 – Establishing an Indigenous led approach to coordinated vertebrate pest management in northern Australia
Project 3.10 – A partnership approach to filling key knowledge gaps on dugongs in northern Australia using novel technologies
Project 3.11 – Multi- fishery collaboration to assess population abundances and post release survival of threatened sawfish in northern Australia
Project 3.12 – Closing the gap in bycatch reporting and population assessment of sea snakes in Northern Australia
Project 3.13 – Eastern Grey Nurse Shark population abundance and trend
Project 3.14 – Assessing changes in Black Rockcod abundance and size
Project 3.15 – Informing Southern Right Whale management through continued monitoring, determination of aggregation areas and development of approaches to increase data flow efficiencies and utility
Project 3.16 – Delineation and estimation of the Maugean Skate population in Macquarie Harbour, Tasmania
Project 3.17 – Locating unidentified reef and habitat features in the northern Australian seascape
Project 3.18 – Robust citizen science for reef habitat assessment in support of management
Project 3.19 – Addressing Kakadu’s strategic marine research needs
Project 3.20 – A National Approach to Indigenous Engagement in Australia’s Blue Carbon and Environmental Markets
Project 3.21 – Identifying priority datasets of relevance to the Gippsland declaration area and pathways for their use in guiding decision-making