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Alan Jordan and Damien Burrows;

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Threatened and migratory species and ecological communities scoping project


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The Marine and Coastal Hub Research Plan 2021 includes several scoping projects that aim to generate shared understanding about research needs, knowledge gaps and priorities. This project aims to inform future research investment in priority species and knowledge gaps, principally within the Hub’s annual research plans.

A range of researchers will complete sub-components of this project. They will cover: marine mammals and seabirds; sharks, rays and chimeras; dugongs; turtles; sea snakes; and fish and ecological communities. The general approach will be to:

  • Undertake desktop reviews of knowledge gaps and research needs from past processes and documents, including how previous research is being used.
  • Identify potential key end-users including from state and federal governments, community and industry groups and non-government organisations.
  • Hold a series of thematic taxa grouping workshops/meetings with key research-users to discuss findings of desktop reviews and undertake facilitated discussions to co-identify priority research questions and identify potential collaborators and co-investors.
  • Synthesise the outcomes from taxa workshops and identify research co-ordinators and team members to lead the co-development of potential research projects in Research Plan 2023.
  • Produce a report that summarise the key issues and next steps on priority issues.

This scoping project will run in parallel and contribute to the broader cross-Hub Initiative scoping project led by the Resilient Landscapes Hub, which is responsible for delivery of the Initiative. The relevant workshops and prioritisation will be coordinated across the two projects.

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