Technical report

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Gribben PE, Jongen R, Ferguson A, Marzinelli EM, Verges A, Kendrick GA (2022) Inclusion of sediment processes in restoration strategies for Australian seagrass ecosystems. Report to the National Environmental Science Program Marine and Coastal Hub. University of New South Wales.

January 2023


This project explored how to incorporate sediment processes in seagrass restoration frameworks. The project team hosted a national workshop and engaged with experts in seagrass biology and restoration to review what is known about sediment processes that influence seagrass health. They identified opportunities to enhance seagrass restoration by explicitly considering sediment processes in planning, site selection, restoration methods, monitoring, and assessment of restoration success. The following key, interdependent areas by which sediment processes influence seagrass health and performance were also identified.

  • Hydrodynamics influence sediment properties and microbial community development in ways that can benefit or hinder seagrass restoration.
  • Sediment microbial communities control nutrient and chemical cycling for seagrass.
  • Seagrass response to sediment processes may be influenced by their life-history and genetics of seagrass species targeted for restoration.
  • Interactions with other species can promote and inhibit seagrass survivorship and growth.