Fact sheet

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NESP Marine and Coastal Hub (2023). Addressing Kakadu’s strategic research needs. Project 3.19 Information sheet. Reef and Rainforest Research Centre, Cairns, Queensland.



Kakadu National Park is on the traditional lands of the Bininj and Mungguy Aboriginal peoples and is jointly managed by the Aboriginal Traditional Owners and Parks Australia.

The Park has immense cultural values associated with over 50,000 years of habitation, including extensive networks of rock art sites up to 20,000 years old. It features diverse landscapes, high biodiversity, and endemic species. The Park’s coastal environmental values are not as well-researched as the terrestrial values.

To continually develop the two-way knowledge and management of Kakadu National Park, targeted research co-designed by Bininj and Mungguy peoples and scientists is needed. The Kakadu Indigenous Research Committee is building this information base from several collaborative research projects under the guidance of the Kakadu Research and Management Advisory Committee.

NESP Resilient Landscapes Hub supports Kakadu managers and researchers to develop comprehensive strategies for future science that align with their management goals.

NESP Project 3.19 will focus on the collaborative identification of marine and coastal issues that require better understanding and then develop an appropriate research strategy to address these.