15 August 2023

At this inaugural event, Hub leaders and researchers outlined our strategy, projects and findings for an audience of more than 100 colleagues and research users from national and state agencies Australia-wide. The presentations included:

  • A Marine and Coastal Hub overview
  • Science to support working on country, including carbon abatement and biodiversity enhancements
  • Northern Australia regional planning, including synthesis of seagrass data
  • Offshore renewables: priority issues to support regional development and approvals
  • Wetlands: mapping priorities and gaps; blue carbon
  • Habitat restoration: developments and barriers
  • Threatened and migratory species: sawfish; shorebirds; Southern Right Whale
  • Protected places: Australian Marine Park baselines and monitoring; Great Reef Census
  • Research planning: knowledge gaps and priorities; process for Research Plan 2024

Browse or download the combined presentations below.