19 June 2024

In April 2024, the Department of Climate Change, Energy, the Environment and Water (DCCEEW) held the National Environmental Science Program (NESP) Conference at Old Parliament House, Canberra. A Marine and Coastal Hub delegation showcased hub research, connected with partner organisations and research users and established new contacts.

Some of the 200 participants that attended the 2024 NESP Conference in Old Parliament House, Canberra. Image: DCCEEW

More than 200 participants attended the two-day event. They included NESP-funded researchers, policymakers, Traditional Owners, and other stakeholders from across Australia. 

Marine and Coastal Hub project leaders Dr Toby Patterson of CSIRO and Professor Simon Goldsworthy of the University of Adelaide and the Threatened Species Commissioner, Dr Fiona Fraser, delivered presentations on research priorities for threatened marine and coastal species.

The presentations highlighted areas in which scientific research is critical for the preservation and recovery of vulnerable species, mitigating threats and effective conservation planning. They focused on the large-toothed sawfish and the Australian sea lion.

NESP researchers emphasised the necessity for continued research and collaboration, aligning with the conference's overarching theme of Science, Partnerships, and Impact. Discussions focused on long-term partnerships, keeping Country at the heart of actions, and shaping Australia's future through the integration of Indigenous Knowledge with western science.

The hub displayed posters, videos, and fact sheets outlining research focus areas, project diversity, and contributions to marine and coastal conservation.

The event facilitated valuable engagement with partner organisations, research users, and stakeholders, fostered discussions on collaborations and reinforced the hub’s commitment to strong partnerships.

Hub leaders contributing to the panel session ‘What environmental management looks like in 2050'. From left: Marine and Coastal Hub co-leaders Damien Burrows and Alan Jordan; Climate Systems Hub Initiative leader, Sarah Boulter, and Marine and Coastal Hub Initiative leader, Piers Dunston. Image: DCCEEW