Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority

Behavioural research reshapes the Reef Authority’s communication with recreational fishers

Mar 25, 2024

Dr Tracey Mahony of James Cook University (JCU) and Associate Professor Vanessa Adams of University of Tasmania (UTAS) led the Marine and Coastal Hub project that evaluated recreational fisher behaviour, values, and compliance motivations. Assoc. Prof. Adams said key elements of the project’s success were research co-design, transdisciplinary teams, and the ability to implement and…

We like to fish: characterising the recreational fishing population and designing messages to improve compliance – executive summary

Feb 27, 2024

Project 3.18 Information sheet

Feb 9, 2024

Project 3.10 Information sheet

Feb 9, 2024

Great Reef Census – a case study to integrate citizen science data into research output for marine habitat management

Jan 16, 2024

Project 1.17 fact sheet 4 – Frameworks and data to account for environmental and socioeconomic assets and settings

Oct 18, 2023

Project 1.17 fact sheet 3 – I need to shift to more pro-environmental behaviours

Oct 18, 2023

Project 1.17 fact sheet 2 – I need to make a choice between potential management actions

Oct 18, 2023

Project 1.17 fact sheet 1 – I need to implement a social and economic monitoring program for an area of marine estate

Oct 18, 2023

An inventory of dugong aerial surveys in Australia

Sep 19, 2023