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Przeslawski R, Barrett N, Carroll A, Foster S, Gibbons B, Jordan A, Monk J, Langlois T, Lara-Lopez A, Pearlman J, Picard K, PiniFitzsimmons J, van Ruth P and Williams J (2023) Developing an ocean best practice: A case study of marine sampling practices from Australia. Frontiers in Marine Science. Ocean Observation Section. Vol 10 2023.

11 April 2023


This article is written primarily for researchers. It outlines a process to elevate a method to an ocean ‘best practice’, using the National Environmental Science Program standard operating procedures as a case study. This process includes three phases: scope and recruit, develop and release, and revise and ratify. While many practices use only the second phase (develop and release), we emphasise the value of all phases to ensure a practice is truly a ‘best practice’. This optimises the chance to develop a true best practice that is:

  • fit-for-purpose with clearly defined scope;
  • representative and inclusive of potential users;
  • accurate and effective, reflecting emerging technologies and programs; and
  • supported and adopted by users.

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