Technical report

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Brock RJ, Rasmussen J, Adame MF, Brown CJ, Connolly RM (2022) Identifying knowledge gaps and solutions for extent mapping of Australian marine and coastal wetlands, Project 1.5 Scoping study. Report to the National Environmental Science Program, Marine and Coastal Hub. Griffith University.

October 2022


This report provides an overview of coastal wetland mapping to determine future research and mapping priorities, with a focus on seagrasses, saltmarshes, intertidal macroalgae, shorebird habitat, and blue carbon mapping. A combination of literature assessments and interviews with research-users and experts generated 25 recommendations across the five areas of interest. Implementing these recommendations will help to develop a consistent and complete Australian coastal wetland inventory that fulfils the needs of research-users.

High level recommendations included the need for a national approach to mapping and classifying key attributes of coastal wetlands; improved capacity for mapping of subtidal seagrass and intertidal macroalgae; identification and active management of retreat of coastal saltmarsh and encroachment of mangroves; maps that integrate existing habitat zones and threats to shorebird habitat; and development of a seascapes approach to support blue carbon assessments.