Impact summary

Improving the knowledge base for regional planning and decision-making

May 24, 2023

The Marine and Coastal Hub is improving the knowledge base for regional planning and decision-making. This involves providing high-quality assessments and compilations of ecological data conducted across regional or national scales, in order to meet stakeholder, legislative and planning needs, and that respect the rights and aspirations of Traditional Owners. Examples of hub projects that…

Harnessing the power of citizen science

May 11, 2023

While there are limitations to citizen-science monitoring, these programs are vital for providing minimum estimates of important population parameters in an environment. The hub is working with citizen scientist and Indigenous ranger programs to improve their data collection and usability. This includes statistical analyses and the incorporation of artificial Intelligence and automated image analysis. Citizen…

Building capacity to integrate research with Sea Country management

May 11, 2023

The Marine and Coastal Hub is helping to improve community outcomes and self-determination by building capacity for integrating research in the management of sea country. This involves forging research partnerships that combine western science and traditional knowledge, and prioritising opportunities for communities to participate in research-related training and employment. The hub has made a funding…

Exploring seagrass habitat to support Sea Country management

Jun 8, 2022

These areas are of profound importance to Traditional Owners. Understanding and monitoring the distribution and composition of seagrass habitat is essential to support the sustainable management of Sea Country. Little is known about how critical seagrass communities are distributed in northern Australia, however, or how they are changing. Seagrasses have not been mapped across the…

Knowledge for managing protected places

Jun 8, 2022

The Marine and Coastal Hub is working with other hubs to boost the knowledge base underpinning protected place management, including the evaluation of management effectiveness. This includes seeking a deeper understanding of values and pressures, including traditional knowledge and cultural values, and to raise the capacity of Traditional Owners to participate in and lead research….

Tracking whales, sawfish and skates

Jun 8, 2022

Research in this theme will also respond to the Threatened and migratory species and ecological communities cross-hub strategy led by the Resilient Landscapes Hub. As many of these species and communities are of concern for Indigenous peoples, their protection and monitoring offers opportunities for engagement, training and employment. This may include managing and removing ghost…