Technical report

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Saunders M, Waltham N, Cannard T, Sheppard M, Fischer M, Twomey A, BishopM, Boody K, Callaghan D, Fulton B, Lovelock C, Mayer Pinto M, McLeod I, McPherson T, Morris R, Pomeroy A, Ronan M, Swearer S, Steven A (2022). A roadmap for coordinated landscape-scale coastal and marine ecosystem restoration. Report to the Reef and Rainforest Research Centre. Cairns, Queensland.



  • Large scale and coordinated restoration of coastal and marine ecosystems will benefit our natural assets and improve our capability to mitigate and adapt to climate change, while also generating jobs and providing communities with economic and social benefits.
  • Scaling up restoration requires a national scale science-based plan adopted at state/territory and local levels, and a new economic model which is blended between government funding as well as investment pipelines from the private sector and philanthropy.
  • Coastal and marine restoration projects co-designed with diverse stakeholders (e.g., research, practitioner, community, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Organisations) provide greater value than those designed by single groups; In particular, Traditional Custodians are rights holders and there is a need to work towards improved models of culturally appropriate and meaningful engagement.