Building national capacity for marine and coastal restoration

15 May, 2023

A wide range of factors contribute to the degradation of Australia’s marine and coastal habitats, including coastal development, pollution and climate change. Momentum is building in Australia and internationally to restore these ecosystems. The Marine and Coastal Hub is consolidating what we’ve learned from past research and setting strategic and technical guideposts for the next research phase including the need for:

  • national and regional planning and coordination
  • guidelines and standardisation
  • public availability of data
  • tools for economic analyses
  • building of genuine, ongoing partnerships
  • co-design and leadership with First Nations people.

Tools and guidance documents delivered through hub projects include:

Below: the Living Shorelines Australia online database developed in Project 1.10 provides a starting point to upscaling the use of living shorelines as standard practice for coastal hazard risk management. 

National map of restoration projects

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