18 March 2024

The Marine and Coastal Hub has produced seven posters as part of an initiative to engage with local communities and schools to ensure the scientific results are communicated back to the communities where the research took place.

In an ongoing effort to empower communities with essential knowledge about their environment, the posters focus on engaging indigenous groups, communities and local schools.

The research expands across northern Australia and includes dugong population surveys, sawfish tracking, feral animal control, seagrass mapping surveys, sea snake identification, and bycatch monitoring.

A key aspect of the hub approach is its commitment to working closely with governments, industries, and local communities. By delivering research findings directly to indigenous groups, communities and schools, the hub ensures that the public has access to relevant information about their environment and conservation efforts.

This approach ensures that research is not only relevant but also contributes to the empowerment and stewardship of Indigenous groups, local communities and schools over their marine environments. To ensure this outcome, hub scientists work with research users and communities to plan and conduct research that is relevant, accessible, and effectively communicated.

We invite you to review these community posters at: